Changing updating hard drive

17-Dec-2017 09:22

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I already swapped my OG PS4 hard drive to a 2 TB and I'm hopping that swapping the hard drive on the PS4 Pro is just as easy.

I still haven't found any information online about whether you can change the hard drive.

I wonder if PS4 Pro versions of games actually will have 'bigger' textures?

I'm expecting probably not because it's such a massive hurdle to even render the screenspace in 4K let alone upping texture res.

Also remember that more processing power means you need to 'bake-in' less lighting, etc., so you can have a smaller file size for the game.

That's basically how Halo 5 and AC: Unity managed to have such insanely large file sizes for (admittedly good looking) standard console games.

So can't imagine Sony will make us last on 2tb for the rest of the consoles life time. Has anyone heard if you can change the hard drive in the PS4 Pro?

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Here’s a glimpse at what an SSD can do for you, and instructions on how to drop one in yourself.Over time, those shaved seconds will make your PS4 feel a lot faster.Has anyone heard if you can change the hard drive in the PS4 Pro?Does mean if someone like Samsung or Seagate made a small enough HDD over 2tb it would physically fit but however these people who do this by cable report glitching, slower loading and unstabilty when gaming online.

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I think Sony will make a patch once these smaller sized 2tb drives become available, when I fitted the 2tb I learnt that only a few months before, that Sony only just made the patch to allow the 2tb drive compatible, the old maximum was 1.5tb back in 2013/2014.

So, boot-up is anywhere between roughly 5-8 seconds faster with an SSD than with the mechanical hard drive that the Play Station 4 ships with.

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